3 Reasons Women Choose to Correct Inverted Nipples with Breast Surgery

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Breasts come in different sizes and shapes, and nipples are just as unique. Inverted nipples affect 2-10% of women and occur when the nipples point inward or lie flat in line with the breast tissue instead of pointing outward. They may cause functional problems and cosmetic issues and increase the risk of infection and irritation. Many women feel it necessary to correct inverted nipples for their psychological well-being and to address functional concerns.

Dr. Arnold Breitbart is double board-certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and the American Board of Surgery. He offers various breast procedures, including inverted nipple correction, to give women their desired breast appearance. He takes the time to understand your cosmetic goals during your consultation at our Long Island and Manhasset offices. Dr. Breitbart will explain the procedure and recovery so that you can make an informed decision for your breasts and health. 

Some of the reasons women seek inverted nipple correction surgery include the following: 

1. Functional Problems With Breastfeeding 

Many women develop inverted nipples during puberty and don’t realize that this can cause functional problems until they have children. While some women with inverted nipples breastfeed without difficulties, others may have added challenges to feeding their infant this way. During breastfeeding, the nipple is supposed to extend to the roof of the baby’s mouth, stimulating the soft palate and triggering the infant’s sucking reflex. Inverted nipples may not reach this point in the child’s mouth, making it challenging for the baby to latch onto the nipple and transfer adequate amounts of milk. 

2. Psychological Concerns

Some women may find baring their nipples in front of an intimate partner uncomfortable or fearful due to their appearance. This self-consciousness or embarrassment can cause mental distress and emotional difficulties. Inverted nipples react to stimulation and arousal just the same as outward-projecting nipples, but women may still struggle with self-esteem during intimate moments. 

3. Recurrent Infections 

The retracted tissue of the nipples can allow bacteria to thrive. Recurrent infections tend to happen in women with inverted nipples. Fistulas may form, which are irregular connections between parts of the body and are often linked to a deeper abscess (infection) connected to the nipple. Women with inverted nipples are more likely to develop these health issues and have ongoing struggles with infections, fistulas and inflammation. 

Inverted Nipple Correction With Dr. Breitbart 

Inverted nipple correction surgery fixes the appearance and function of the nipples. It is an outpatient procedure performed with local anesthesia, so you’re awake during the surgery. Dr. Breitbart’s surgical technique depends on the degree of nipple retraction, but the process typically takes 30 to 60 minutes. Scarring from the procedure is well concealed in the darker pigmentation of the nipple and areola. Recurrence of inverted nipples is rare, and most women enjoy immediate and long-lasting results with outward projecting nipples. 

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