Advanced Facelift Procedure

Rhytidectomy Plastic Surgery

You are not helpless when it comes to beating time and gravity and restoring your youthful looks by having a facelift. Regaining your naturally vibrant beauty is pretty exciting when the choice of making desirable changes to your face is entirely yours.

Facelift Consultation with Dr. Arnold Breitbart

A facelift can make you look younger if you have consulted the right plastic surgeon like Dr. Arnold Breitbart, a facelift expert in Long Island. People have various skin types and degrees of skin elasticity which can contribute to an aging appearance. Dr. Arnold Breitbart can thoroughly examine your skin, facial structure and features, and then offer suggestions for the best procedure for your facial plastic surgery.

What does a Face “Lift” mean?

The Facelift or Rhytidectomy is a plastic surgery procedure in which the facial skin and underlying tissues are tightened to reveal your genuine beauty. This procedure can reduce signs of aging from your face, including the cheeks, jowls, jawline, and neck. Facelift can also be combined with such procedures as eyelid surgery, brow lift, or liposuction.

The facelift surgery procedure entirely depends upon your needs and your cosmetic goals. Nevertheless, two main types of facelift surgery can be performed. A mini-facelift procedure is for patients with slightly saggy skin around the jawline or neck. A more extensive facelift is indicated for patients with more pronounced facial and neck laxity. However, you can consult with Dr. Breitbart to understand what degree of surgery you need to have an effective facelift to meet your specific goals.

Should I have a Facelift?

The face is the mirror of the heart. If you feel unconfident because of the wrinkles, saggy or loose skin, or aging, you can listen to your heart and go for it. Your face is the reflection of your personality. The branded clothes, expensive accessories and shiny shoes cannot make you feel good if you are not comfortable with your facial appearance. Aging is inevitable and out of our hands but delaying it via facelift is your personal choice. With the advanced technology, comprehensive knowledge and years of experience, Dr. Arnold Breitbart can make your life exciting again with a transformative facelift. Click on the ‘Get a Quote’ button on the bottom left to get an appointment to schedule your consultation today!

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