Procedures That Improve the Proportions of Your Face

Facial symmetry is a prized feature when it comes to glamour. If you take a printed photo of your favorite model or celebrity and fold it in half vertically, you’ll notice their facial features are evenly distributed — something psychologists discovered is a universal symbol of beauty throughout history.

Facial plastic surgeons often refer to the “Golden Ratio,” a scientific breakdown of what makes one “beautiful” and involves measurements of the upper, middle and lower regions of your face. A large nose or undefined chin or cheekbones can throw off that delicate balance.

The main objective of facial plastic surgery is to give you a proportionate, natural appearance. Dr. Arnold Breitbart will evaluate your face during your initial consultation and discuss your options to address uneven proportions, which may include one or more of these procedures:

  • Chin Implants or Fillers: A pronounced jawline is a hallmark of facial harmony and attractiveness for both women and men. Chin enhancement surgery, or genioplasty, with chin implants or fillers can bring strength and balance to your side profile and overall look, leaving you with a more defined appearance. 
  • Cheek Implants or Fillers: Full cheeks are considered a sign of youth and vitality. A once-symmetrical face could lose that “golden ratio” due to natural volume loss in the cheeks as you age. Treatment of sunken or hollow cheeks with implants or fillers can restore that youthful look by adding fullness evenly.
  • Nose Surgery: Rhinoplasty is a popular procedure for nearly all ages. Whether you’re unhappy with the shape of your nostrils or feel the size of your nose does not match the rest of your face, this plastic surgery can provide a balanced, natural look. 
  • Non-invasive Facial Rejuvenation: Injectable dermal fillers can “fill in” disproportionate areas of your face. Sunken or wrinkled areas such as the cheeks and between the nose and lips can be addressed with non-invasive options. Injectables can also be used for lip augmentation to give you fuller lips that match your other facial features or for a “liquid facelift” to rejuvenate your appearance without the downtime required for plastic surgery. 

Are One or More of These Face Procedures Right for You? 

Face procedures are an excellent way to achieve a symmetrical, natural look. During your consultation, our board-certified plastic surgeon in Long Island and Manhattan can help you determine if one or more face plastic surgeries will help you get your desired results. 

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