Restoring a Smooth Forehead: Is Botox or Brow Lift Right for You?

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A youthful-looking face is often regarded as the hallmark of overall facial beauty, and that includes smooth, taut skin. The skin on the forehead can develop wrinkles and quickly age you. If you are searching for a solution to restore a smooth forehead you may be considering Botox or a brow lift.

Continue reading as Arnold S. Breitbart, MD provides details about each procedure to help you determine which is right for you.


Botox injections are a great way to smooth the forehead and improve the look of wrinkles. Botox utilizes a chemical that essentially “freezes” the muscle in the treatment area, preventing it from moving for a limited time and in turn helping create the appearance of a wrinkle-free forehead. When used to treat forehead wrinkles, it is administered via injection during a treatment session. You may notice the following benefits from Botox injections:

  • Softens existing wrinkles
  • Helps smooth the treatment area
  • Treatment can be administered quickly and safely

Brow Lift

A brow lift is a cosmetic procedure that is performed to raise the eyebrows. Because of its rejuvenating effect on the forehead area, it is also known as a forehead lift. This procedure raises the skin and tissue in the forehead. Brow lift surgery can be performed using a number of techniques and can even be combined with other procedures.

The raised appearance of the forehead area can provide you with a youthful look. You can expect these results from brow lift surgery:

  • Reduces the appearance of sagging brow and forehead area
  • Skin tightening effect
  • Improves forehead lines and wrinkles

Both Botox and brow lift surgery can produce a vibrant, refreshed look in the patient and can enhance beauty. The decision as to which procedure to have depends on the patient’s preferences, candidacy, end goals, and Dr. Breitbart’s recommendations. A brow lift can provide a more dramatic result with the use of surgery. Meanwhile, Botox is excellent when the patient wants to make temporary, subtle improvements without undergoing surgery. A natural, expressive face can be achieved with both treatments, but it is important to bring up your goals with Dr. Breitbart, who can customize the procedure to meet your needs.

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