What are the Benefits of Combining Plastic Surgeries?

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Many people have one or more aspects of their appearance that they’re unhappy with when they look in the mirror. Maybe your eyebrows droop and hang over your eyelids, causing a tired appearance, or perhaps you have sagging breasts that are uneven. Whether your cosmetic concern is with your face, breasts and/or body, combining two or more plastic surgeries could be the best and most efficient way to reach your desired results. 

Dr. Arnold Breitbart is a board-certified plastic surgeon in Manhattan and Long Island who will customize your plastic surgeries to give you a more youthful facial appearance or balanced body shape. 

1.    Combining Procedures Means One Recovery

By having multiple plastic surgeries performed simultaneously, you can streamline the recovery process. Depending on the procedures, these separate procedures may require at least one to two weeks of healing and recovery each time. When you space out your plastic surgeries, you may need to take several weeks off work and get help with childcare and other responsibilities. This can be challenging for most adults interested in plastic surgery, and you may have to spread your chosen procedures over one or two years. Combining your plastic surgeries into one means you only have to go through the recovery process once. 

2.    Pay Surgical Facility and Related Fees Only Once

There’s a potential cost savings to having two or more plastic surgeries performed at the same time. The surgical facility charges expenses along with the plastic surgeon and anesthesiologist. If you choose to have one procedure at a time, you will end up paying the surgeon’s expenses and other surgical fees multiple times. 

3.    Achieve Your Cosmetic Goals Quicker

Having several plastic surgeries performed at once allows you to improve multiple cosmetic concerns at the same time so you can enjoy your new facial appearance or figure after your recovery instead of waiting for your next procedure. Combining multiple plastic surgeries allows you to unveil your new look all at once, not in segments. 

Plastic Surgeries Often Combined for Incredible Results 

Various facial plastic surgeries are often combined for total facial rejuvenation, such as a facelift with eyelid surgery or a brow lift. That allows Dr. Breitbart to eliminate loose skin tissue in the face and restore a youthful brow or eyelid position. 

Breast procedures may be combined, such as breast augmentation with a breast lift. Many women struggle with breast ptosis (drooping or sagging) and are unhappy with their breasts’ shape, size or fullness. Combining a breast lift with breast augmentation with breast implants allows Dr. Breitbart to deliver breast enhancement with a perkier placement and avoids the need for a breast lift later on. 

A “mommy makeover” is a phrase used for combining breast and body contouring plastic surgeries. As pregnancy changes women’s bodies in many ways, the mommy makeover is customized to their needs. Some women may wish for a breast reduction with a breast lift, while others want to focus on restoring volume with breast augmentation. This combination typically includes a form of breast surgery, tummy tuck (abdominoplasty) and liposuction. 

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