What Men Should Look for When Choosing a Plastic Surgeon

As the stigma of plastic surgery dissipates, more men choose cosmetic procedures to reduce signs of aging or enhance their face and body. Whether you are interested in liposuction to eliminate stubborn fat or Botox to address those pesky horizontal lines, choosing your plastic surgeon is a crucial decision. 

Dr. Arnold Breitbart has an excellent reputation as a Long Island and New York City plastic surgeon. He will go over your options in detail and answer your questions during your initial consultation, but here are a few factors to keep in mind as you search for the right surgeon for your needs: 

Research Plastic Surgeons in Your Area 

The plastic surgeon you choose should be board-certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery (ABPS). That certification requires additional training, written and oral exams and ongoing education, and physicians must recertify every 10 years. You can confirm their ABPS-certification. Look over the plastic surgeon’s background and experience by reading their biography and looking at where they earned their degrees and went through training. 

Look at the Before and After Galleries 

Most plastic surgeons provide before and after photos of patients on their website, but you may also request to flip through them at your initial consultation. Women are more apt to get plastic surgery than men, and it might be a red flag if the plastic surgeon does not have male patients in their before and after gallery. To help you get a better idea of your potential results, look for photos of men who have a physique similar to yours and had your chosen procedure. 

Patient Reviews and Testimonials

Once you have found a few plastic surgeons in your area and glanced at their gallery images, check out what their patients say. Use several sources such as Google Reviews, testimonials found on their website and RealSelf, but try not to put too much bearing on over-the-top or bottom-of-the-barrel reviews. Look for reviews that discuss bedside manner and satisfaction with results. You need to feel safe and comfortable with the plastic surgeon, and reading the experiences of other patients helps you get a feel for their style. 

Schedule and Prepare for Your Consultation

You can gauge the appeal of the plastic surgeon, their office atmosphere and staff during your initial consultation. The doctor will likely listen to your concerns, perform a physical examination and discuss your medical history before going over your options. Be sure to bring a list of questions to ask during this visit and listen to their professional opinion. 

If you do not feel comfortable or are not sure the plastic surgeon is right for you, keep looking. Use your judgment to ensure you end up with safe, natural-looking results. 

Interested in Male Plastic Surgery? 

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