What Happens to Your Belly Button During Tummy Tuck?

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A slim midsection can be a source of confidence, especially after pregnancy and childbirth, which can damage and weaken the underlying abdominal muscles. A restored tummy can be achieved with tummy tuck surgery, but some patients may be curious about what the surgery entails and how it affects their belly buttons during surgery. If these concerns sound familiar, continue reading to learn more about tummy tuck surgery.

About Tummy Tuck Surgery

As popular as this procedure is, many patients only understand the basics of tummy tuck surgery, such as the fact that it sculpts and renews a flabby midsection into a tight tummy. Abdominoplasty, as it is also called, transforms the midsection, and the center of this transformation is the belly button. To understand what happens to the belly button during surgery, it is important to understand the tummy tuck techniques:

Full tummy tuck: A full tummy tuck is often recommended for patients that require the most correction as it addresses the areas both above and below the belly button. An incision is made at the bikini line, and the scar length depends on the amount of excess skin the patient needs to have removed. The skin and underlying muscles are then reshaped and tightened to provide a renewed abdominal contour. An incision is also made around the belly button during a full tummy tuck.

Mini tummy tuck: Mini tummy tucks address the area below the belly button and involve shorter incisions. This procedure is usually performed on patients that have less excess skin. This technique also involves the shaping of skin and abdominal muscles.

Your Belly Button During Surgery

During your tummy tuck surgery, Dr. Breitbart keeps the belly button attached to the abdominal muscles. The skin around the belly button will be repositioned and reshaped, and the belly button itself may be recontoured so that it is aesthetically aligned with the new, tightened abdomen. You can expect a natural-looking belly button following your surgery. It is still your natural belly button, but it looks much better because it doesn’t have loose skin around it.

Tummy Tuck in Manhattan and Long Island

Tummy tuck surgery can provide you with a new abdominal contour that complements your figure and boosts your confidence. When you choose Dr. Breitbart for your tummy tuck, you can rest assured that his meticulous surgical technique produces natural and attractive results that are in alignment with your cosmetic goals. If you are ready to meet with Dr. Breitbart, or simply have additional questions regarding tummy tuck surgery, contact one of our locations today to get started with a consultation.